President Trump and his America First agenda is a movement that crashed the barriers of both establishment and mainstream media unlike any administration in history. America First is a movement that stands testament to the health of our republic and to the power of the American people.

But our victory requires constant and diligent protection. Protect America First PAC's mission is to continue the fight daily. We find, recruit, and promote candidates around the nation who will fight to:

  • Build the Wall
  • Dissolve the Liberal 9th Circuit
  • Back the Blue
  • Promote America First Policies

America First is a movement. It doesn't stop at the White House. President Trump needs our help -- he needs YOU to send the RIGHT kinds of fighters who will tirelessly protect and push America First.

We will find and send the right fighters with your support.

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Send a message to Congress that we the people want to Build the Wall, Back the Blue, and Dissolve the 9th Circuit.